Into Guatemala began as a blog to give people more information about Guatemala, but it quickly grew into more than that. Today, Into Guatemala focuses on not only offering interesting glimpses into the culture, but also helps those traveling to the Land of Eternal Spring discover that culture for themselves.

What could be better than exploring Guatemala with someone who has lived and loved the country for a decade and a half? Genesis arrived in Guatemala in 2002 on her way to Brazil and ended up falling in love with a local, as well as the country. She’s been here for nearly 15 years now and speaks fluent Spanish. As someone who is passionate about sharing her love for this amazing country and its incredible people, Genesis thrives on taking groups deeper into the culture of Guatemala.

Irving is the reason Genesis stayed in Guatemala, but he’s also a traveler. As a musician, he frequently buses across the country and is intimately familiar with many of Guatemala’s secret spaces. Though Irving remains behind the scenes much of the time, he’s a big part of Into Guatemala. Born and raised here, Irving enjoys meeting new people and showing them his homeland.